Kristyna Litten

Working in illustration can give you a whole world of possibilities to succeed in, and one of the most accomplished young illustrators I can think of is Kristyna Litten who has recently achieved success in children’s book illustration. Back in my 2nd year of studying, I went to see her give a talk about her work and found it inspiring to see someone so young already achieving so much in their field.

Kristyna now illustrates from lovely Yorkshire but graduated from illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art in 2010, her work is bold and memorable, yet still traditional enough for children and adults alike to relate to the imaginative characters and charming narratives. She has obviously worked hard for her success, and her website and blog are full to the brim with all the creative and crafty work she has been doing. It is inspiring so go and have a look!

One of my favourite examples of her work is a recently published children’s book called “Chickens Can’t See in the Dark”. The illustrations are fantastic, with lots of energy, inventive narrative and lovable characters. I love picture books and will never stop reading them even when I finally grow up, and this book is definitely the type of thing I would buy even as an adult because it really stands out from the otherwise novelty, garishly coloured children’s books with transparent narratives.

Other notable work from Kristyna includes illustrations for National Geographic, and the cover for the book, Mr. McCool by Jonathan Tulloch; a story about a cockney bear that wants to escape from the zoo. She is now working on illustrating yet another book called “Pigeon Pie, Oh My” by Debbie Singleton. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for her future work!

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Hello! I’m excited to be representing Gola as a student ambassador, and help them in their mission to discover and recognize Britain’s emerging, creative talents. I’m currently an illustration student at the Edinburgh College of Art. I love what I do and nothing makes me happier than working hard and being totally immersed in an idea. I like adventures and a lot of the work I do is about journeys, exploring cool places and meeting interesting people. Between Scotland’s wild, highland landscapes and a vibrant city full of history, there's a lot to be inspired by.

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