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It’s always exciting to find someone who is both professional and has fresh ideas when it comes to graphic design, and with Kathryn, Gola has been lucky enough to find both of these things.

‘To me, graphic design is everything really…it’s everything I do, and everything I will do’

Passion like this is Kathryn Davies down to a tee. Full of knowledge, excitement and drive when it comes to graphic design. She’s currently in the second year of her degree at Northumbria and spends a huge amount of time perfecting her art, ‘I practically live in the studio, and find any excuse to take a trip into the print room!’.

Kathryn describes herself as, ‘ginger by choice and obsessed with the printed word’. She was raised in Rochdale, and with both her parents being graphic designers, it is little surprise that she has turned out the same way, believing that ‘it must be in the genes’. Kathryn’s skill in publication is impressive and eye catching.  She is not just someone with a hobby or a passion – she is someone who knows exactly what she is doing, and her art reflects that.

Kathryn has a huge span of knowledge when it comes to graphic design, and is particulaly interested in Victorian typefaces. She enjoys working with people and bouncing ideas around in order to achieve fantastic results.

Kathryn’s dream is to design her own typeface, one that becomes a staple of any typographers arsenal and to work in the graphic department of films such as Harry Potter.

In a world where we are met with graphic design all the time, it is refreshing to meet someone with a real and raw talent, and it will be exciting to hear more from her in the future!

If you want to see more of Kathryn’s work, click here!

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