Kate McLelland

Kate Mclelland grew up in North East of England, completed BA degree in Theatre Design in London and moved to Edinburgh to gain her MA in Illustration. She is an excellent fit for the Born in Britain concept, as she has nurtured her talent by taking learning experiences and creative opportunities across all Britain.

Kate McLelland’s achievements include nomination for a D&AD Illustration Award and a Penguin Design Award. She has worked on prints, commissions and for her degree show in Edinburgh College of Art she designed a charming range of children’s books called “Soot” and “Follow That Sparrow”.

Her outstanding contemporary designs are bold, original and vibrant. Each illustration has its own unique atmosphere and personality. Her ideas are embodied into illustrations in a beautiful manner, maintaining her signature style throughout the portfolio.

Kate Mclelland’s design was first runner up in a competition “New London Skyline” held by London Transport in 2010 to design the skyline that reflects London today. Every year since entering this competition she was creating a new skyline, at first Edinburgh, then Paris.

Elegant prints impress with appealing colour combinations, clean lines and precision in capturing the character of each city.

To see more of her inspiring designs and to find out which skyline she is working on this year, take a look at her website www.katemclelland.co.uk


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