Julie Marie Fleming

Unusual canvas formats draw immediate attention to the vibrant and colorful compositions in Julia’s paintings. Adopting peculiar circle and semi-circle canvas as part of her artworks, she steps out of the traditionally used form.

This noteworthy attempt of replacing the ordinary square shape with less common forms, opens new perspectives in artistic practice. Canvas is the foundation, the basics, that’s where you start. Change the foundation, and the artist’s thinking will change.

Originally from Glasgow, Julia Marie Fleming is Edinburgh based artist, who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. She has participated in various exhibitions including Black Cube Collective at The Old Ambulance Depot and Bold. Colour. Progress. at The Congregational Gallery. She is inspired by the colors and forms that are seen in nature. From microscopic photographs to macro telescopic images, she explores nature that cannot be perceived with the naked eye.

Julia’s works change what we traditionally know about painting. Her highly contemporary artworks stand out, catching the attention by unfamiliar forms and bold, vibrant imagery. There is emotion and passion. Color contrasts create the mood and the atmosphere. Each painting is a unique observation of surrounding space.


Julia’s artworks are not about the concept, but about the image. Her art is not overloading the viewer with ideas and theories, which is so popular in today’s art world, but projects the purity of aesthetic qualities. She lets the viewer to decide, interpret and appreciate the artwork in his own way.

To see more of her works, visit this website www.juliemarieart.co.uk

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