Jonnie Common

I met Jonnie Common at the gig he played at Broadcast in Glasgow, in the beginning of May, after an electrifying set played in the basement. Normally I’ll skirt the opening acts of a gig, but thankfully I didn’t this time. With a name like Jonnie Common (yes, that’s his real name), you kind of have to be doing something original and inspiring. He’s been making music under this “alias” since around about 2009, and is currently signed to Red Deer Club records in Manchester, though he hails from, and is based in, Glasgow. The lyrics are off-kilter; subtly humorous, which becomes even more endearing with the Scottish dialect being so well pronounced. Not being afraid to show where he’s from, the songs are home grown and hark clear about his roots, something so refreshing in a world of homogenous song writing aimed at being universal. It’s clear on tongue-in-cheek song So-called Summer with the lyrics, The summer’s so cold/ I don’t know what to do when its warm and later on My brain is running down the back of my neck. If you’ve ever been to Scotland, you know the coma Scots are thrown in to when the thermometer passes 15 degrees. Always apt in his lyrics, the musical aspect is well orchestrated with a veritable children’s toy extravaganza of instruments used to create lots of layers and upbeat fantasies. There’s something vaguely familiar in his style, though it’s always easy to begin citing influences and sound-alike bands, but he easily falls into the category of originality as a great lyricist and musician. Currently working on a new album, with a working release date set for October, his new single Figurehead is out now. On Figurehead, Common sings: Though I can’t finish everything I start/I have the best intentions. Well, let’s hope he finishes the new album, as I, for one, can’t wait to hear what else Common has under wraps. Have a listen here.

Have a browse through his website, and keep an eye out for a final release date.


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