John Biddulph

John Biddulph is a Midlands based musician, originally from Cromford in Derbyshire. (He is also a relative, if you hadn’t already guessed)

John likes to experiment using electronic and sampled acoustic sounds and instruments, to create soundscapes.

 His latest album, ‘Terra Nova’, was composed to celebrate Scott’s remarkable journey to the Antarctic. It was first performed as part of the Centenary celebrations at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.
‘Terra Nova’ was the name of the ship that took men, animals and supplies to the South Pole.
The music explores themes and imagery that comes from Scott’s own journal.

A pianola was shipped to the South Pole; the folk song it plays in the recording reflects a yearning for home perhaps. Hoosh is the strange stew-like brew that became a real comfort in difficult times and Simpson’s Corner is where all the measuring devices for weather and an array of batteries and circuits were kept. Scott spoke poetically of the ice singing and poignantly that “all the daydreams must go” as the journey neared it tragic end.

If you would like to listen to some of the music John has produced, you can search for him on iTunes, where you can also listen to another album ‘Galilean Moons’.

His music is also available to downnload on Spotify.



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