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Now this lad has got a picture for everything, I found Joe Lord at University but he has been very busy since. His latest project being a self-publishing a book consisting of travel photos producing using the Lomography technique called Double Exposure.

From Joe

I’m a 22 year old freelance photographer & designer based in Burnley, Lancashire. I work for everyone from Record Labels to Vintage Boutiques. Recent clients include Alan Howard, the largest Salon supplier in the UK and their sponsored brands Fudge, Joiyco, Matrix and Sexy Hair. I’ve also designed 2 new t-shirt concepts due to be back from the fashion house I’ve commissioned to create them. I recently became the CEO of an Enterprise connected with SomewhereTo_ which is a huge company that works with 16 to 25 year olds and is partnered with Youtube, Channel 4 and James Kaan from Dragon’s Den.

So tell us about this latest project, how did these travel photos come about? and self-publishing thats got to be hard?

The photos and the story behind them is part of the book! I broke up with my long-term girlfriend and couldn’t bare the thought of running into her on nights out or when I do my shopping etc. So I had to escape, and travelling to see friends and family across the country/world. Self publishing would be hard if I didn’t have Kickstarter to help fund me!

How would you describe your creative style? How did it develop? You took multimedia design at uni yes?

 My creative style for design is very bold lines, part influenced by graffiti and urban art, part baroque and regal. I attended 2 years of uni but left due to family becoming unwell. The time that I have spend in-between helping my family out has been used to start freelancing and pursuing projects like this!


Tell us about your favourite project to date? and why?

Alot of the work I’ve been doing for Alan Howard has been good. Producing my first video project and the client being such a big name has been a huge career booster… And getting to work with beautiful models is always a plus.

Whats your next project going to be? I am sure you have one in mind.

My next project starts in 2 days time on sunday. I’m producing a shortfilm for an E4 competition. I’m expanding the project so that I can produce a music video with the footage so if I son’t win the comp I still have portfolio work.

If you could design something for Gola? Describe it for us?

Gola would be a great company to design for! I’ve always loved the Greek God Herme’s winged sandals. I know Jeremy Scott did a winged trainer for Adidas but in my opinion the designs were poorly thought out. I’d love to create winged trainers for Gola in my own style.

What can we do to find out more about you?

A great place to keep up with my experimental photos (and shameless selfless) is my instagram: @Joetry and my personal blog And also my photography site

I think Joe is going to very busy in the next few years spreading his wings and being involved in a lot more exciting projects to come. Keep an eye out and feel free to contribute to his photo book its well worth it and look at some of the other projects on kickstarter might find something interesting.

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