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At this years Directors and Art Directors (D&AD) New Blood festival where the best of this years creative graduates comes together to show their work, I got to experience the coming together of student and professional to contemplate the next stage of the creative industry. I was really impressed by all the work from Norwich University, one I liked was Jason’s for its creative ideas and lines.


Im a recent graduate from Norwich University of the Arts which has driven me in the direction of coming up with clever ideas to solve a brief in its simplest form, getting us to think lateral not literal. Don’t get me wrong I still give it my best shot to make things look beautiful because everyone is a sucker for good looking design.

How did you decide on a graphic style? Bold colours & lines seem a strong theme in your work?

 I wouldn’t say I have a particular graphic style as such. I tend to let the brief determine how it looks and feels but I would say bold colours and lines is my go to favourite at the moment.

Tell us about your most recent project? (Final university one maybe?)

 Umm we worked on them all at once towards the end but my favourite project was my Latitude festival rebrand. Festivals are becoming a massive thing and I just think it’s a great opportunity to push the branding everywhere over this new world you enter over a summer weekend. I based all the applications around using Longitude and latitude lines using the parallels and degrees as a constant theme throughout, bringing it back to the core name of the festival.

Do you have a dream project to work on or for?

 Well I would say a beer brand being a student but I had the pleasure of the handcraft brewing company approach our university wanting packaging and a identity. They are a small local brewery in Norwich that has now launched nationally, it’s the best feeling walking into a pub and being able to order your own designed beer.

Tell us a little about your design process, how do you decide upon an idea?

 I start by going out there and observing the subject of the brief, wrapping my self in the environment for example with the beer brief we sat in the pub (perks of the job). It helps you learn more about what you’re designing for and the people, mood, sound, shapes etc all these can spring ideas, then narrow the idea’s down to what fits the product most naturally.

Tell us a little about the digital technology you use? What’s your favourite piece to use?

 I’ve recently got really into using a graphics tablet, it saves sooo much time. It took a while to get used to but id never go back.

What is your favourite advert at the moment? Print, TV whichever?

 This isn’t recent but one that sticks in my head is the ‘thanks for the warm up’ film for the Paralympics. I’m a keen filmmaker and I thought everything about the advert was amazing.

If you could design something for Gola, what would it be? New shoe, ad campaign, new website?

Its got to be a trainer but also the ad campaign around it so it becomes more than just a trainer design, always been a life time goal to design a trainer.

Jason has got some great future plans and I can see his work being really fun and creatively used for lots of products and brands. I hope that he gets your vote and you can see more of this work here:


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