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Wandering around the Degree Shows at my own University of Huddersfield I was amazed by some of the beautiful work produced in my own walls. One in particular that took my attention was the textile patterns of Janine Singleton.

Intro from her website


Janine is a creative and motivated print designer and has a keen interest in applying innovative printing techniques to embellish textiles. With a passion for screen printing, Janine’s contemporary print designs synthesize illustration, painting, photography and CAD with unusual use of colour and specialist pigments. Janine was recently awarded First Prize for Creativity and Innovation in Design (Print) by the Huddersfield Textile Society. With an accurate eye for colour, Janine has undertaken a 6 month Internship with Marks and Spencer’s Womenswear Design Team which has lead to an enthusiasm and comprehensive understanding of trend and consumer forecasting. Additionally, Janine has completed briefs assigned by a range of design organisations within industry such as EGE, Leeuwenborgh and Muraspec. When creating digital artworks, Janine has extensive experience in using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and AVA. Recognised by her fanciful use of colour, Janine was selected to represent The University of Huddersfield in The Society of Dyers and Colourists International Colour Competition 2013. Additionally, Janine has been highly recommended for possible inclusion in the TEXPRINT 2013 programme.

So Janine tell us more about your final major project at uni?

The Collection “Fanciful Disposition” is a range of illustrative and graphical screen prints for textiles. Inspired by urban skyline views, skyline detail is mixed with geometric shapes and floral repeats to create a sense of collage. Along with a fanciful use of colour, innovative printing pigments such as Suede Foam, Fluorescent and Gloss were used to create a futuristic sense.

What are your plans now? What field do you plan to explore?

At the moment I am participating in a number of exhibitions to showcase my work and I am currently seeking an entry level position within the design industry. I would love to explore printed textiles and gain additional experience in working alongside professionals within the industry.

What do you forecast for the fashion industry this Autumn/Winter?

For this Autumn/Winter, I forecast that the fashion industry might suggest a more futuristic and reflective glance on traditional folk prints with dark, romantic and mysterious colours.

How important are new technologies and processes to surface design?

In my opinion, it is highly important to keep up with the demand for innovation. The industry should continuously strive for new technologies to aid both the design element and manufacturing processes in surface design.

Do you prefer to work digitally to create or is there a pen and paper in there somewhere?

 There is always room for digital development; however my main starting point is creativity with painting and drawing. I am inspired by colour and love to experiment! 

If you were to design something for Gola what would it be? Describe it for us?

I would design a print for a child’s canvas shoe inspired by my Final Major Collection, with skyline graphics, geometric shapes and fanciful colours.

I wish Janine the best of luck finding her place in the industry and know we can expect bright and colourful things from her.

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