James Lomax

James Lomax is first and foremost a maker, describing his practise as an intense investigation of places and materials.Gaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Paul’s degree show was staged at The Old Power Station earlier this year. He has gained invaluable experience from working behind the scenes of gallery exhibitions and as a technician for professional artists.Paul has had the privilege to install shows for the likes of Shezad Dawood and Jenny Saville and exhibited pieces at galleries such as the Saatchi. Armed with the expertise of his experience, Paul is moving to London to continue his studio practise and part time gallery work.

Site reactive not specific, there is a definite sense that a change has taken place. Whether it is a physical or conceptual one, it is not always obvious but this adds to the intrigue surrounding the work. There is a certain freedom achieved from the abstract objects that are neither definite nor seemingly functional. This lends his work to multiple interpretations, depending on a viewer’s familiarity or association with the items presented. Each work locks into a situation, from which an instrument is constructed and a complex identity is tuned. James’s method is achieved through his obsession with the idea of craftsmen. The system of producing perfection for perfections sake, which has lead James to reject his own skills and introduce an element of chance into his work.

Working with his hands has always been important to James and this has become his own method to map, reactions to site. By viewing James’s art we attain a greater awareness of the impact of site, and feel as if we have learnt something along the way.

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About Josh Lenten

Hey I’m Josh and I’m a Fine Art Student living in London and studying at Goldsmiths. Having studied at Art school for a couple of years now, I’m used to taking my work seriously, but not myself. For me whether its art, fashion, music, books or film it has to be bold and it has to be brilliant. Through my own work I seek to challenge our perceptions of normality in modern life, from human behavior to the physical body. It’s this human aspect that’s interest me and I suppose us all. Living in Britain all of my life I can’t help but be inspired by its rich creative culture, drawing upon our tradition of ingenuity, quirk and heritage. I think that being a young person in the 21st century is such an exciting time to be part. That’s why I’m looking forward to discovering new talent and bringing it to Born in Britain.

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