Introducing Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood, filmmaker and artist, is a stellar example of the many young and talented creatives in the UK, working hard and biding their time for that big break and the attention they deserve.

First introduced to Wood by his mature, restrained and visually seductive music video for ‘Curtains’ by The Lottery Winners, I was impressed to find that this was merely the tip of the iceberg.

His repertoire includes an array of interesting and unique experiments captured through the lens. Always ‘challenged by the idea of reinventing the wheel’, Wood strives to push the overdone idea, to rethink it, to ‘rebirth’ it.

With a keen eye for subtle details, he conveys atmosphere and his ideas in a collected and elegant manner, never giving too much and always drawing the viewer deep into the narrative.

In 2010, soon after graduating, his stunning short film ‘Umbrella Girl’ won him the Best Artist’s Film category at the Exposures film festival. His work has featured in Imogen Heap’s ‘Love the Earth’ film, and his more recent short ‘Fancy Clown’ was a runner up in the Stones Throw Video Contest 2011.

Continuing to produce, and with another of his films shown at The World Bellyboard Championships in Cornwall this year, it is sure to be soon that Matthew Wood has his moment, and I for one am much anticipating a feature length production from this bright and talented filmmaker.


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