Introducing emerging artists: Natalie Tkachuk




Natalie Tkachuk is a Fine art photographer specialising in Still Life. Born in 1983 in Melbourne Australia, Tkachuk moved to the UK in 1994 and lives and works in London. 2012 saw Tkachuk complete her MA in Photography at London College of Communication. Tkachuk’s work focuses on exploring beauty in the everyday, the banal and in the lost and forgotten through the medium of photography.

Introducing emerging artists: Natalie Tkachuk


Tkachuk has previously won the Nikon Discovery Award and has been shortlisted and had honourable mentions in many awards such as the Magenta Foundations Flash Forward and Sony World Photography Awards and has exhibited across London and the UK and in international art fairs.


Her recent body of work ‘Totems’ are constructed still life mechanical parts abstracted from their original purpose and functions becoming a collection of past technologies and a collection of the non-functional. The juxtaposition of these mechanical elements build a totemic sculptural object, suspended in space becoming a scale-less catalogue of the industrial past. They become an apparatus of the imagination inviting the viewer to place their own assumptions of what this post-apocalyptic bricolage might be.



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