Introducing emerging artists: Michael Furman



Michael Furman received his BA in Photography from the University of Denver. Prior to going to London College of Communication for his masters he focused on editorial and varying documentary series’ dealing with identity through different issues. He is freelancing, organizing future shows and next documentary series in Denver, Colorado where is he currently based.


Michael will be exhibiting from the 29th of August at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center. He also has taken part in a variety of group shows in diverse galleries in Denver and London. His practice has been published in regional newspapers as well as the CMYK magazine, the Less Common magazine. 


While in UK using stills and video he explored the subculture of the commuter, showing the conscious and unconscious actions and reactions portrayed by travels while having to be around strangers on public transportation on the London Underground. Also he did a series of portraits of 50s enthusiast during an annual Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekender in Norfolk. He is planning on focusing his attention on portraiture.




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