Introducing emerging artists: Marian Alonso Perez



Spanish born Marian Alonso Pérez studied photography in Barcelona at Institut d’Estudis Fotografics de Catalunya (2001). In 2003, she moved to London where she now lives and woks. Her current fine art practice examines how corporate space is constructed, restricted and assimilated into daily routine. Her most recent work has been shortlisted for the Sproxton Photography Award in association with the London College of Communication, where she has just completed her master’s in fine art photography.


In 2006, Alonso won the ARCO Photography Award, which involved working on a collaborative project supported by the Spanish Arts & Culture Department. Her work has been shown in the UK and Europe in solo and group exhibitions at galleries like Campbell Works and Kowasa. She was also awarded a residency at Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (2002) where she investigated new methods of mixing traditional photographic techniques with emerging digital technologies. Alonso has collaborated with artists such as Neville Gabie, Kata Halasz and documented Rosa Rodriguez’s two year-long multidisciplinary project supported by Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas de Mexico.  She is also featured in Katie Kelly’s Pillow Book published by the Erotic Print Society, 2008.


Action 9, Axis  examines how corporate space is constructed, restricted and assimilated into daily routine – to order and potentially control its inhabitants. Through small acts of intervention it aims to bring into question a broader concern with the politics of space, consumption, observation and domination.


Video credits: Gary Cohen.

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