Interview: The Half Earth

The Half Earth are performing at the Algiers album launch gig supported by Gola on Saturday 1st February at The Harley in Sheffield. We have got together with Conor for an exclusive interview to let you know a bit about the artist before you hear his sounds this weekend!

1. Talk to me about your education and qualifications…

I’ve been at uni for the last three years studying chemistry. I’m pretty pleased with my degree, I met a lot of great people.

2. Did you always know you were going to be a musician?

I didn’t. Towards the end of my degree I started thinking about it a bit more seriously, but originally I wanted to be a chemistry professor.

3. Do you love what you do?

It’s a massive motivator. I’ve been writing a lot better since I started working. There’s a real social environment here as well.

4. Who inspires you the most?

I guess Thom Yorke has had the biggest influence over the way I think about music. More recently it’s been instrumental artists like Nils Frahm and Tim Hecker.

5.  What makes you proud about living in Britain?

I just moved back to the city where I studied and it’s incredibly diverse in the area I live in. I love it. The music scene here is so massive too, it’s a huge part of the British culture and it’s so unique. A lot of my favourite artists are British.

6. Which musicians would you compare yourself to?

I’m always so bad at these questions, but I love it when people compare my music to artists I’m not expecting. Jeff Buckley was one artist I never considered before people started comparing me to him. Personally, I think my sound is closer to new bands like M O N E Y or Wild Beasts.

7. What are your dreams and ambitions?

I just want to record and play live. I just hope that people want to buy my music and come to see me play.

8. Are you excited to perform at The Harley this weekend?

The Harley is one of my favourite Sheffield venues, and the first live venue I went to when I arrived in the city. It’ll be my first show there, so I’m very, very excited!

To find out more about The Half Earth, check out Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, website.
More info on the event here – click ‘going’ and you’ll be automatically entered into a prize drawer on the night to win a Gola voucher!

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