Interview: Algiers

Algiers are a pop rock duo, who Gola are proud to be supporting for their official album launch in Sheffield at the weekend (Saturday 1st Feb). Our previous article gives you an insight into the hot new talent, but we’re so excited for the upcoming event we got in touch with the Algiers for an interview prior to the gig!

Can you tell me a bit about your academic history and professional path?

Both William and I studied English at Sheffield Hallam University after various years of playing in our respective bands in Manchester and Middlesbrough.

Did you always see yourself in the music industry?

It was either professional footballer, musician, or high achieving academic. Attempting all three simultaneously lead us to where we are now.

What do you love the most about your job?

Seeing and speaking to William every single day; meeting his family and extended family; sharing a room with William, regularly, which can only be described as a womb.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

Juninho, John K. Samson, and Noam Chomsky – and Ezra Koenig for bringing the Oxford Comma into public consciousness.

What do you love about Britain today?

The NHS, Libraries, and the nationwide availability of Gola merchandise

Which artists would you compare your sounds to the most?

Any that are even vaguely associated with ’90s emo.

Ambitions and goals for the future?

Second, third and fourth albums (but not necessarily in that order).

Finally, are you prepared and excited for your album launch at Harley Live in Sheffield on the 1st February?

Preparations start next week, but we’re certainly buzzing after having such an extensive bank of material locked away for a few months.

To find out more about them have a look on their Website, FacebookTwitter, Tumblr, or SoundCloud.

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