India Rose

“I hate anything that limits my creativity.”– India Rose

With an obsession for trainers, photography and anything from Wang’s collections, no wonder India Rose’s 90’s influenced style has created such a buzz in the fashion blogging world. Fashion student India created her blogspot site when her college tutor encouraged her to launch a blog to discuss her interests and begin her very own photography portfolio online.

 “I stopped it for a while, as I didn’t really feel passionate about it once I gained a place at Nottingham Trent, but then something spurred me on to start it again. I can’t remember what, but whatever it was I’m thankful for it”

India has taken a fresh and distinct look on the androgynous style that has captured the attention of young bloggers and independent retailers, making her online presence grow and grow. I asked India to explain her style and where the inspiration comes from;

 “Everywhere really. Most of my friends are male, so I take a lot of inspiration from them and apply it to my own wardrobe. I like the way their style looks effortless, but yet it just kind of works. It’s also heavily based on durability and comfort. I like that. I also find inspiration from blogs, people I see on the street, music, art, old movies. Basically whatever I like the look of.

 I think it’s important to take inspiration from things that aren’t directly related to you or what you know, as you’d be surprised at the way you interpret the unknown. I was also interested to know if British styles and era’s inspire India’s style in any form. “It’s a difficult one to answer, because I just wear what I like. I suppose right now, whether I’m conscious of it or not, the raw aesthetic of the 90s has filtered into my style. My look is never overly polished, and I like things to look a little worn in. I suppose that’s quite British.”

The fashion communication and promotional student has a lot of exciting new projects and collaborations in the pipeline after graduating in July.

 “I can’t see myself working a 9-5 for the rest of my life, and I feel much better working under my own schedule and direction.So watch this space and keep up to date with her blog at

Apart from being slightly in love with India’s style, I also admire the way her personality shines through her media presence and constantly manages to be herself. Which is always her top piece of advice for any new (or old) bloggers out there, “Be yourself”.

Let’s be thankful for that unknown motivation that gave India Rose’s the inspiration to start blogging again.

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