Holly Wilson

Illustrator, Character Designer, Photographer… Candle Stick Maker?! Holly Wilson has a plethora of skills and titles to go with them!

An Illustration graduate from Worcester, 2011, Holly has already exhibited work at local venues, including Europe’s first joint university and public library; The Hive.

Holly‘s work is imaginative and playful.

For her degree show, Holly recreated characters from well known books such as ‘Alice in Wonderland’, by Lewis Carroll, and has since been working on illustrations to accompany a book of nonsensical poems. These whimsical narratives can only be enjoyed and appreciated. Holly‘s passion for art is evident through her work, which she is prolific in producing.

You can contact Holly Wilson regarding freelance work and look at more of her magnificent master pieces, which you can also buy print copies of, through her website;


‘Trapeze Frog’ by Holly Wilson




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