Holly Khraibani-Cousins

Holly Khraibani-Cousins is a well travelled illustrator from Dagenham, currently living in Tewkesbury and studying in Worcester.

Whilst Holly is about to embark on her third year of a BA Illustration course, she is already accomplished in her field.

She recently exhibited biographical art work, on the life of Billie Holiday, at Worcester Art Gallery and Museum.

Holly’s illustrative style is developed and mature, as the prolific nature in which she works has helped her to perfect her drawing.

She uses a variety of media, unafraid of trying something new. Past works have seen experimentation with colour, line and tone, using anything from watercolours and ink to collage, paper cuts and type.

Holly also uses visual metaphor in her work and often uses her designs to convey an important or serious message, sometimes with comedy, although she is particularly interested in producing imagery for children’s books.

Aside from university, Holly is also an experienced former hair dresser, a wife and mum to baby Zein. She is a brilliant role model for hard working women.

Her determination and passion is clearly visible, as it transforms through her inspirational art work. Long may it continue.



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