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For some time now I have been following the blog of Hole in My Pocket, a Glasgow based, dynamic art and architecture duo who have created some very interesting things and been involved in a couple of creative events and projects over the past few years.

I got in touch with Allistair Burt (Alburt) to find out more, and got some interesting, insider information (!) Hole in My Pocket is now approaching it’s tenth anniversary, but as Allistair tells me, he and his friend initially started it out of boredom during their first year of practice as Architects.

It all started to get serious when they first won a competition organised by Lighthouse in Glasgow and judged by Cedric Price, who is apparently a legend among architects. The idea that won them a monetary prize was ‘Missing Presumed Found’, which is a clever, interactive project taking place all over the world right now. The idea here is that several small black sketchbooks with the words ‘Read Me’ on the cover are being left in various places by various people around the world. Finders of the sketchbooks pick them up, and contribute the the sketchbook content before taking them to a new place and leaving them for another person to find. Have you come across any of these sketchbooks?

Since winning that competition, HIMP has been spending their earnings wisely (funding new projects and also giving out one pound notes hidden in library books). They used the last of it to go on an exciting trip around the whole of Scotland, hoping to reach the remote island of St. Kilda. They never did physically reach their final destination, however they consumed a lot of wine and met some interesting people. Allistair tells me more about the project ‘The idea being that we’d gather stories from the people we met in the empty bottles and use those as the basis for designing our Postgraduate Diploma Architecture projects. We had a rather crazy 10 day trip and the results proved so popular that we were awarded funding from the Scottish Arts Council to put on an exhibition at the Intermedia gallery in Glasgow.’

From these humble beginnings, Hole in My Pocket has continued to make interesting work. Allistair is hoping to sort out a new studio and focus some more energy into the projects again, after getting briefly sucked away by a job as a real Architect. Allistair’s blog gives just a taste of the wondrous things the main artist is capable of. I particularly admire the illustrative capabilities!

I really do wish all the best for Hole in My Pocket. They have such good values and seem like very cool, genuine people. Not everyone would just give away some prize money in library books! Look out for their upcoming Glasgow exhibition and book to celebrate 10 years of creativity!

Do take the time to browse through all of the exciting projects this duo have come up with!

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