High Hazels

DENS were the subject of my first post of the latest Born in Britain campaign so it seems appropriate to share the fantastic band that supported them at their gig at ‘The Great Gatsby’.

Fresh from a string of gigs in and around the north and some time in the studio, High Hazels’ thoughtful dream pop aesthetic has garnered interest from revered quarters. Steve Lamacq played the single ‘French Rue’ on his Radio 2 and the band has received approving nods from Jarvis Cocker, Gideon Coe, Lauren Lavern and The Crookes.

In that single, the smooth croon of James Leesley’s vocals sit comfortably atop the clean jangle of guitars. When the track sinks into its chorus the vocals pitch and plummet in unison with the lead guitar. Here is a band with an ear for the stirring rhythms of bands Real Estate and Lotus Plaza though their tastes seem to revivify an older age.

Citing Art Garfunkel, Elbow and The Walkmen as influences High Hazels place themselves in the same mould of acts who have really plied their trade. The band spent two years locked away in the practice room, delaying any live performances until they had a collection of songs they were happy with.

Early in February High Hazels gave a taste of their sultry vibes at an Exposed Live Session. If you’re intrigued seek out the band at their pages:


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