He is a Pegasus: David Butler

David Butler, or ‘He is a Pegasus’ comprises solely of a twenty-one year old man, his guitar and a laptop. He is often found at open mic nights in Manchester, playing atmospheric music that impressively captures the audience.

David started out playing drums when he was nine years old, influenced by Travis Barker from Blink 182. The more that he listened to music, the more he got into it, playing guitar and learning to sing.

David believes that it was his dad that first got him well and truly into music, as he is a huge Pink Floyd fan and their music introduced David to the kind of over the top sound that he now creates himself. David started off playing the drums after listening to Travis Barker playing in Blink 182 and went on to play guitar, sing and write his own music.

It was when David got into Jeff Buckley that he realised how much potential there is in performing alone and so grew from that. He lists his influences as Muse, Queen, Pink Floyd but then counters them with bands such as Radiohead, understanding that size, spectacle and musical freedom can make a huge difference to what he can achieve. He wants to create music that would would effect an audience whether it is in a huge festival or a tiny cafe.

So far, David’s biggest achievement has been headlining with his band in a tent at one of the biggest free festivals in the UK. After that, David decided to go solo, describing that he has ‘just tried to go bigger, and better, every time’. He now produces and mixes everything he records on his laptop,using the technology to help him recreate his songs live. His music has a fantastic atmosphere to it, reminiscent of Bon Iver . Although he is alone, he can successfully capture the attention of everyone in the room – an impressive feat when playing at open mic nights with critiquing audiences.

In the future David wants to be making waves and to define a generation of music – being average is not part of his plan of action. Considering his musical ability and talent, this dream does not seem at all off the mark.

To listen to David’s music, check out his soundcloud here!

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