I first heard Hannah-Rei about four years ago when I was at a small gig in Sheffield. Quite a few local bands were there and I had gone along to support my friends. After an hour or so, Hannah-Rei came onto the stage with a keyboard and immediately stood out from the other bands with their endless instruments and lack of enjoyable music. She started to sing and her voice was absolutely incredible – the best way I can think to describe it is as immensely pure. Her music is a blend of R&B and soul and is incredibly chilled out.

Hannah-Rei is from Wakefield in West Yorkshire and decided to write a new song everyday since the age of 11 after realising that she wanted to be a singer-songwriter. To find her way onto the music scene, Hannah-Rei studied at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and got a first in music. She then became one half of singing-comedy duo Rocky and Balls, who sing whimsical songs about cats, breakups and murder she wrote. Now, many years after her 11 year old decision,  she’s certainly well on the way with the release of her self-produced album, ‘Time to Play’.

Listening to Hannah-Rei’s album brings to attention her obvious interest in artists such as Stevie Wonder and Jessie J. Her mixture of influences leads to a unique blend of music. One that is both enjoyable but stands out.

So check out Hannah-Rei’s new album here!


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