Hannah Grace

I was first introduced to Hannah’s music just a few weeks ago, as I walked into a gig only to be met with the sound of a quite excellent voice. My friend turned to me and said, ‘she’s really good!’ – and she was right. Hannah was impressive, and stood out. I took it upon myself to have a look at her youtube as soon as I returned home, and was faced with some fantastic music.

At just 19 years old, Hannah Grace has recently taken part in her first ever UK tour supporting Gabrielle Aplin (who you might remember from this article last year!).After traveling through the country and performing excellently every night, she has come back with even more drive, ‘I loved singing every night…I know now that it’s DEFINITELY what I want to do for a living’.

Hannah’s voice has great control and is a delight to listen to.  As well as writing her own songs, she’s also studying Jazz, which probably contributes to her style and love of covering artists such as Etta James…and it is Etta James that has lead to her most successful Youtube video. With almost 20,000 views, her cover of ‘I’d Rather Go Blind’, is both soulful and enjoyably classy. She sings with a maturity far beyond her years and the depth of her voice is reminiscent of Eva Cassidy.

Hannah can remember loving music for as long as she can remember, knowing that the Postman Pat theme tune was the first song she ever sang at age two. Now, of course, she’s singing to a rather different tune. Her YouTube Channel has over a thousand subscribers and I suspect that number will be increasing rapidly over the coming months.

Over the course of this year Hannah is getting ready for the release of her first EP (a process that she describes as ‘writing writing writing and preparing.’). With the excitement of this on the horizon she’s already beginning to look into a future when she will be able to write and sing songs, whilst still feeling happy in herself.

So why not check out some exciting new music? Meanwhile we’ll be sat impatiently waiting the release of her EP!


Connect with Hannah Grace on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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