Hannah Colson Patterns

A graduate from my own university Hannah produces gorgeous patterns fit for any purpose.

A short intro from Hannah

I am a graduate from the University of Huddersfield, with a BA in Surface design. The main focus of my work has been creating eccentric patterns for a variety of markets, including interiors. My designs draw attention to items we often take for granted, such as cables and mix tapes, which I use to create bold designs that unravel before the eyes and transfix the viewer. One of the highlights so far has been exhibiting at the Surface Design Show with my University.

Tell us about your final major project at university?

 My final project focused on creating a collection of designs that could be developed into an eccentric feature wall or personalised upholstery. The main goal was to produce a series of patterns that were creative but still suitable for domestic interiors, which is why some of my designs use subtle colours.

 Your patterns come from items taken for granted? Used items, where did this theme come from?

 This theme came from my experiences as a designer. At the start of university, I felt I was always using the same sort of imagery to create my designs. I really enjoyed sketching flowers but there were only so many times that I could keep drawing the same roses over again and over again. In the end, I decided to look at incorporating more unusual imagery into my work, an idea which came to me after sketching old headphones and cable wires. These were items which I had taken for granted in the past, keeping them in storage and ignoring their aesthetic qualities. As a result, I decided that I would try to include them in my surface designs to see how this would enhance them.

 Is their a brand or location you think your patterns could apply themselves to?

 If anything I would love to see my designs applied to quirky location like Hotel Fox in Copenhagen.

 Tell us about the process of design, from drawing to digital?

 A lot of my designs start off as quick sketches based on photos or objects I’ve liberated from the attic. I either ink my line art by hand or use a graphics tablet, before experimenting with a variety of compositions. I’ve found from experience that some of the simplest layouts are often the most effective.

 Who is your favourite designer?

 Karen Combs. I love her gallery of vibrant and fun-loving Nama Rococo wallpaper designs; they’re a real treat for the eyes.

 What are you plans for the future?

 At the moment I’m considering a range of possibilities, including freelancing part time.

I think Hannah’s patterns are very usable in a home or business but still add interest and a decorative aspect. Hannah still has a long way to go to build up a collection of patterns worthy of a top notch designers portfolio but  she is well worth watching to see what she comes up with next.

Check out her portfolio at


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