Hannah and the Moon – BAFTA New Talent winner

Kate Charter is an Edinburgh College of Art Animation graduate who has just won the BAFTA New Talent award and Best New work award at the British Academy event held at Glasgow’s Oran Mor at the end of March. Her animation ‘Hannah and the Moon’ is a short film about a girl who leaves home to find her friend. The film is like an animated hand drawn picture book incorporating text instead of a traditional narrative.

Kate’s past work experience include working for a local agency in Leith, creating animations for a charity project called ‘Rock Opera’ and working on the visual effects and Foley sound recording on a film called ‘Seams in the Dark’, directed by Claire Lamond.With such huge success that Kate has had recently I’m sure amazing things are on the horizon…

I asked Kate a few questions about her brilliant talent, her university career and her aims for the future.

What was your inspiration behind ‘Hannah the Moon’?

“The idea came from a few different places. When I was a child I had a story called ‘The House and the Golden Windows’ which I fancied adapting but I also wanted to include a character with long bony fingers and I knew I wanted it to be set at night. Originally I thought I wanted to adapt an existing children’s book but after searching I decided to write my own. Incorporating text into the film came from listening to a Women’s hour show on Radio 4 on the future of Ebooks. The idea stuck in my head and I believed there was a new place for animation.”

Why did you choose to study at Edinburgh College of Art?

“I thought that Edinburgh was a really nice city. To be honest it was a shot in the dark and I didn’t know a lot about the actual animation course. Fortunately I fell on my feet!”

What has happened since graduation? And where do you see yourself in ten years time?

“Since graduating I’ve spent some time at home in Cambridge (I spent the Summer driving a tractor for my family’s farm! -I think it was a head in the sand moment) and now I’m back in Edinburgh finding my way into the quickly evolving and competitive digital media world. In the future I would love to be writing, illustrating, animating and designing apps for my children’s stories. I love Oliver Jeffers and I’d quite like to follow in his footsteps.”

Any advice for future animation students?

“Just do it! You have to bite the bullet with animation and get stuck in! Sometimes the best stuff can be made in a day and sometimes it takes months to get what you want. The best thing about studying animation for me was the people I was surrounded by and the camaraderie of being in a studio for so many hours! In fact my best advice is to be nice-as your classmates will become your family!”

Check out Kate’s website katecharter.com , her picture book complimenting the film and her blog showing her working methods



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