Gunsmoke and Lavender

Unfortunately for men when it comes to fashion, there seems to be a lot less choice out there compared to their female counterparts.  However, one male fashion brand pushing the boundaries is Gunsmoke and Lavender set up in 2010 by fashion stylist Jo Hawtree.

The basics are clear; classic tailoring, whether that be graphic tees, sparkly vests or a faux fur waistcoat.  The brand itself was built on extensive research into human emotion, resulting in controversial one-off pieces and small collections in associated colours.  Gunsmoke and Lavender’s AW 13/14 collection ‘Walking in our Shoes’ was influenced by the dark history of psychiatric facilities and with that, the intensity of a fractured human mind; showing that fashion is anything but shallow.

As mysterious as the brand itself, the Gunsmoke and Lavender man is a “dark passenger… he is beautifully sinister and gracefully insane.  Fractured and abandoned, he carves his own path; his dreams as vivacious as the contents of former patients forgotten suitcases… their possessions, once meaningful, soon to belong to an anonymous name”.

Gunsmoke and Lavender is anything but anonymous and in my opinion, it’s definitely a brand to watch.

To have a look at these intriguing creations, head to the website; or Gunsmoke and Lavender’s facebook and twitter.



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