George Kinghorn Draws Costume.

George is the most detailed illustrator I have ever met, he spends longer on a drawing than I do sleeping in a day. Dedication to a technique is something I have always admired but never been able to sit still and concentrate long enough. A little background from the man himself to get you started.

My name is George Kinghorn and I’m from Halifax, West Yorkshire. I went to Brighouse High school and did my A levels at Huddersfield New College. I’d love to say I enjoyed both but I really thought college was lots better, having that freedom really shows. I’m now in my final year of BA(hons) Illustration and believe me when I tell you 3 years at university FLY by. Through my time at university I feel I developed a lot of skill in pencil drawing and really plunged into getting my drawings perfect. I also developed skills in photography which grew to become a major part of each of my projects.  

The images featured here are from George’s latest project for the Huddersfield University costume designers, for 4 bright stars that are being captured on camera and the images are going to be used in an art book to display their work, with a twist.

So George, what is your favourite way to work? Medium, scale, materials, subject, location to work?

Well at one time not long ago I would have demanded that pencil drawings were my favourite media by far however recently I have been using a range of fine liners and digital manipulation to achieve a ‘new’ style. I also have recently started mixing my photography with my illustration, it’s unusual but I’m really liking how it’s working!

Is there a set style then to your work? or are you open to trying to new techniques.

Well like I say, I have only recently started really accepting new ways of trying things, that might sound a little strange and late on in my 3rd year of University but I really think every illustrator is different and will explore different styles and techniques at different points in their studying and career. Some people will thrive on trying new things whereas others will enjoy purely perfecting one medium.

If you could illustrate for your dream publication or brand who would that be? and what would it be? Be as weird and wacky as you like.

That’s a tough one, I think my dream creative explosion would be somewhere in the fashion world. I really enjoy photography as well as illustration, and a combination of both. I think working with high fashion would be amazing- photo shoots and fine liners!

Where are you going after uni?

After university I’m taking a gap year from education to throw myself into creative apprenticeships. I’m going to try everything and anything! I will be returning to University in September of 2014 to study a PGCE to teach GCSE to As/A level students. Teaching is something I’ve always wanted to do, as cringey as that sounds.  I love young people too, they fascinate me, they have so many creative ideas and being the person that helps them deliver them is amazing, don’t you think?

Have you got a god of inspiration, an artist or designer you admire a lot?

I have several artists I admire a lot! The first would have to be Abbey Watkins, She’s a young illustrator who I found on Behance. As for inspiration I tend to get quite a lot of mind blocks and really I’m still searching for the perfect way to clear them. So far I’ve found getting outside,  going for a walk seeing something real is the best cure!

What is your best tip for an illustrator standing out?

For standing out? I think it’s just a case of really delivering those ideas that nobody else would have thought of. Digging deep into your mind and transforming the most unusual and twisted thoughts into whatever you like to produce, be that photo shoots, fashion design or anything creative.

Weird one but what is your favourite item of clothing at the moment? can be jewellery or accessory if you like.

Oh this is interesting. I would say this little necklace I bought when I went to Australia last Christmas. It’s a little blue hand palm shaped bottle and I filled it up with Sand from the beach where I was staying. I’m really superstitious so if I want to make a wish or pray for something I tip a little bit of sand onto my hand and wish away. Good going so far might I add! 

Some lovely ideas from George and I really admire the dream of becoming a teacher. Find some more of his work and a contact on his behance page.

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