Gaggle comprises of 20 women, in a choir that makes you aware they’re something special within moments of walking on the stage. They wear robes and strange hats, they care about feminism and create a kind of music that is incredibly unusual.

In terms of presentation, it could be considered that Gaggle are creating a kind of theatrical music. The way they present themselves on stage is almost like a west-end musical- a bright array of colours, robes, hats and an atmosphere that is entirely odd. I personally believe after listening to them that recording Gaggle doesn’t do the band justice. Seeing them live, where their sound has space to reverberate around a room, they sound far more impressive.

You see, Gaggle don’t ‘sing’ in the usual sense of the word. Instead they use sound in an almost medieval way, chanting and incarnating in a way that creates a huge mass of sound. They are strident feminists and their passion shows very much in the content of their music.

Therefore maybe the best thing to do when listening to Gaggle is to go in with an open mind – for in terms of the sounds they make and the design of the costumes, they are something entirely different. Their performance is enjoyable and artistically they offer something that has not been explored before now.

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