Funky Offish

Don’t be surprised if in the next six months you are invited to a party and told that ‘Funky Offish’ is the encouraged dress code. Surpassing expectations as a quirky tag for their own particular style, Pixie Geldof and Ashley William’s phrase is burning deep into the fashion lexicon and will soon be the moniker for their own line of jewellery and clothes. If you’re not ‘Funky Offish’ now, you will be very soon.

Endearingly garish and charmingly unpretentious, the ‘look’ (if you can call it that) represents a definite move on Pixie’s part to a new podium of power in the industry. Long considered the Geldof most-likely-to explode into high fashion, the line looks set to abandon expected elegance and embrace a pulpy, popculture addicted aesthetic. Brash, bold and wry with trashiness, someone mastering ‘Funky Offish’ mixes Daria with Cher Horowitz, or eats fast food in high heels – it’s a brilliant mess, as if a cartoon came to life.

As a growing hashtag and, whisper it, movement, on Instagram and Twitter, the term has managed to transcend the current moment and become a useful term for style icons passed, too: Rachel Green’s penchant for sportswear and heavy mascara in Friends marks her as a ‘Funky Offish’ trailblazer and a steady stream of candid snaps on the Instagram page, of anonymous models engaging in mundane tasks (i.e. ironing), seem to suggest that it’s an easily achievable guise.

Something ‘Funky Offish’ is about to happen in the fashion world. Bring rollerblades and a gold chain.

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