Finest Imaginary

Finest Imaginary make jewellery with a difference. The brainchild of Kim Lawler, it began as her evening and weekend hobby but proved to be so popular that she is now able to create her unique accessories full time. With a preference for birds, beasts, monsters and make-believe, Finest Imaginary’s pieces are enough to bring an air of colour and playfulness to any wardrobe choice.

Finest Imaginary’s pieces are largely made from engraved Perspex, though they are also increasingly working with etched wood. The delightful rings, necklaces, earrings and broaches come in an astonishing range of designs: books, bears, campfires, clouds, foxes, ninjas and Mexican wrestlers to name but a handful. As well as jewellery, Finest imaginary also offer cards, tees , stationary and prints, and like the jewellery these all too come in a range of fun and quirky designs.

To check out Finest Imaginary’s designs for yourself, visit her website. Just don’t buy the wooden fox pendant – I’ve already called dibs.

– Georgie

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