Fine Artist Scarlet Standen

Now this amazing girl has an almost unbelievable story and you get to experience it through her work. Mostly acrylic paint on canvas and pretty tradition in most sense but still heart warming and questioning all at the same time.

An intro from her.

 “One must always draw. Draw with the eyes when one cannot use a pencil.” – Balthus. 

 My name is Scarlet Standen and I am a swimming teacher from Winchester and at the age of 22 I will be starting university this year to study Drawing. I have had an unconventional upbringing; moving onto a boat at the age of seven, traveling the world, being home schooled for four years and spending five years in Fiji where I attended an international school. All these experiences have helped develop my imagination and broaden my vision of the world. 

After returning to the UK in 2008 I studied art and sculpture at A level.  I then completed my foundation year in Art and Design at Eastleigh College before taking a gap year. During my break from full time education I moved to London and was determined to continue to work and develop my artistic skills.  I really wanted to improve my drawing technique so I started by making regular visits to the V & A, the British Museum and The National Portrait Gallery to study the sculptures there.  I then enrolled in weekly life drawing and portrait drawing classes which I am still taking now. This year long break has re enforced how much I want to study art full time. I have recently been offered the opportunity to attend Falmouth University to study a BA in Drawing, I know I will value and make full and good use of the expertise, facilities and materials available to me. I start this September and I am really excited and also slightly terrified. 

So Scarlet Talk to us about your art experience and how your work developed.

My work explores the broad definition of drawing. I enjoy working in different media; working with pencil, charcoal, ink and bleach, wire, paint, drawing in 3D as well as 2D. But I know my understanding of the possibilities of drawing is still limited, and I am excited about the opportunities and extensive knowledge that will be available to me at university. Every drawing I make is an emotional response and is new and exciting but to some extent every drawing I make is inconclusive because as I change and grow, the way I see my drawings change and grow. Always searching to improve and make the next drawing better than the last, my progress is often difficult to measure; because as I gain I also lose.

Your work seems very personal to you.

My drawings are created with an expression of my personality, my unconscious impulses and an intuitive judgment; sometimes it becomes a struggle between all three. I use drawing to learn to see. For me drawing is almost a lifestyle. I find myself drawing even as I watch television, looking at the forms, structures, spaces and surfaces and all the while gaining a greater understanding of them. 

How important is keeping up to date with art movements and trends to you.

Engaging in what is happening within the art world today is also beneficial to my drawing; living in London has given me ample opportunities to visit galleries/private viewings, keeping me up to date with modern art. Seeing contemporary work in the flesh is a very effective way of embracing the art world of today and learn more about the kind of art I want to create. 

I know you have just gotten in to Falmouth, congratulations it is going to be an amazing experience. 

I want to study drawing at Falmouth because I know I will be in a stimulating and nurturing environment where I will be encouraged to think openly and be given the confidence to create new opinions and challenge old ones. Drawing continually encourages me to see and describe the world in which I live with reverent interest. Therefore I know whether or not I get a job in the art world after university I will continue to practice art for my own benefit. 

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