Today I would like to share with you a short animated film made by Joseph Feltus, called Solo Duets. Joseph Feltus is a young animation guru who has studied animation at Edinburgh College of Art, and has since then reached notable success with his work.

Solo duets is a beautiful animation with a mystical and ethereal quality that has achieved several prizes in the world of animation, including: First Prize, Premio Oscar Signorini XXVII Edizione for Traditional Animated Short Film in Milano, Prix for BEST SHORT FILM (Prix du meilleur court-métrage) – Fesival du Cinéma Italien, Espace Pierre Cardin in Paris, the Silver Dragon for best animated film in Krakow Film Festival as well as several others. It has also been selected for over 30 different International Film Festivals.

Feltibus, the name under which Joseph produces all his work has also achieved a lot in fine art photography, and it is all very unique and possesses an interesting style. To see more of his work visit his website.

Since 2010 he has been working hard on a new stop motion film titled ‘The Unattended Lessons. He has a running blog on all the work up to date, and so you can see for yourself how much effort goes into making puppets and props, never mind filming and editing the whole thing! Just look at how much detail he puts into making even the dinnerware for his exquisitely crafted puppets!


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Hello! I’m excited to be representing Gola as a student ambassador, and help them in their mission to discover and recognize Britain’s emerging, creative talents. I’m currently an illustration student at the Edinburgh College of Art. I love what I do and nothing makes me happier than working hard and being totally immersed in an idea. I like adventures and a lot of the work I do is about journeys, exploring cool places and meeting interesting people. Between Scotland’s wild, highland landscapes and a vibrant city full of history, there's a lot to be inspired by.

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