Ewan John

Ewan John is a Linlithgow-based artist, writer, lecturer and indie publisher. He wears many hats with his artistic output, and his prints, books, zines and crafts can be found in galleries and gift shops across the UK and beyond, in the USA and Australia. His charming images of birds, seen here, aren’t just for walls, as he’s incorporated them into books of poetry, silk-screened t-shirts, CD art and badges. His work has a unique, whimsical style that often gives the impression of doodles in the margins of a notebook standing up and coming to life.

Accompanying his drawings in many of his zines, are short passages, sometimes poetic, sometimes humorous, that give the illustrations a slightly surreal context. One zine with a particularly eye-catchingly bizarre title is “The Darwin Lettuce,” which includes a series of “lost letters” written to Charles Darwin by a public who beg for his help in identifying the strange creatures they encounter, among other misadventures. When you pick up one of Ewan John’s zines, you can never know what to expect, but it’s sure to be a strange, and entertaining, journey.

If you are a fan of the works of illustrators like Edward Gorey, for example, enjoy cute birds, or even just want a good dose of humorous nonsense, why not give one of Ewan John’s zines or prints a chance? You can get in touch with him through his personal website, which lists locations where his work can be found, or you can simply order from his Etsy store if you like.

Ewan John is a graduate of Edinburgh University and currently works as a lecturer in art and design at Forth Valley College, Stirling.


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