Emma Sywyj

Having just recently been acquainted with Emma Sywyj – and having only a short amount of time to view her pieces – I have been taken by the level of emotional response that her pieces have evoked in me. The worlds Emma distils in her photographs are so replete with colour, capture the focal point with such an apt sense of perspective, that you can feel the iris inhabit the lens and locate you in the scene at that very moment.

In her landscape photographs, the edge of the frame doesn’t seem to be the limit of the scene. The panorama extends in the imagination as the mind seems to draw inspiration from the surface textures and the terrain pictured in the bounds of the frame. However brief the you spend with her pieces may be, you get a larger sense of their scope through the ways it incites the mind to really see.

Being so focused on the themes of travel and identity, this quality of observation in Emma’s work is conducive to a grounding sense of place. Emma’s dual heritage informs her focus and her glances towards her two genealogical homes has led her to consider how the self is constituted in art.

This pursuit has also extended to an exploration the identities of DJs, writers, artists and musicians. Some of her other work looks at the relevance of print literature in the face of new publication technologies such as Kindles. These critical artistic experiments, her reviews and installation art pieces can be viewed on her website:

Emma Sywyj

Gallery on the Modern Contemporary Art Facebook page

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