Elly Cheng

Sometimes to let your creativity roam freely, you need a change of scenery – moving to another city or country can be a life-changing experience that will allow you to truly express your real self. For Elly Cheng, originally from Hong Kong, her hometown was a big but not open-minded or revolutionary place when it came to the young and emerging designer, so she decided to move to London after taking a pattern-cutting diploma and a year in fashion marketing in her motherland.

In London, Elly graduated from the London College of Fashion’s design course with a collection that is everything but tame and predictable. Inspired by her childhood memories of aprons and floral dresses, Elly has created designs bursting with pastel colours. Although colourful and childhood-inspired, her garments are incredibly feminine and grown-up thanks to the great amount of thought behind them. The collection took the young designer a year to research and design and another two years to make.With her attention to detail and use of unusual materials such as hand-dyed sheep skin (she couldn’t find one in London so she decided to use hair dye to dye it!), the results are astonishing.

What is more, other than clothes, whilst designing Elly thinks about the complete look and feel of her projects. That’s why amongst her work we can also find silicone backpacks and Velcro trainers that when matched with bubblegum pink fluffy skirts and glittery eyebrows, give the lookbook shots of her collection an eclectic feel of 1990s and Harajuku streets.

What does the future hold for this bright young designer? Right now Elly is working freelance as a pattern cutter but also, as she admits in many interviews, just experimenting and finding inspiration. Hopefully, we will hear more about her in 2014!

To see more of the designer’s creations and inspirations visit her Tumblr.

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