Eleanor Davies

For every Londoner, trying to do some shopping on Oxford Street sounds like planning to spend next couple hours of their lives in hell. However, this reckless decision may surprisingly change to an opportunity to get to know some of the brightest British creative talents and that’s what happened to me when I found myself staring at the Selfridges’ window in the middle of the really aggressive crowd of shoppers. Thanks to Eleanor Davies’ work, it was worth it and I made it, alive.

So, who is this artist named one of the Bright Young Things of 2013 by the iconic store and honoured with having her work displayed in the famous Oxford Street windows?

Eleanor is a sculptor artist who graduated with First Class Honours from Goldsmiths University of London’s BA Fine Art class. In her work, she likes to be experimental and playful with different materials, particularly thread of different colours and lengths. The outcome is breathtakingly beautiful – Eleanor’s creations are playful, visually engaging and original.

My favourite of hers is “Over 200 Beautiful Colours” – the artists’ graduation project in form of a giant pompom made of wool, newspaper and rope. The combination of colours and wool’s structure makes a strong and dramatic statement, truly provokes and inspires at the same time.

Eleanor’s recent work focuses on the role of the accessory and performance and fetishisation of objects.  Hopefully, thanks to being featured as the Bright Young Things, her work will get a bigger exposure and her name will become known not only to art lovers but also those who just glanced at the shop window and fell in love from the first sight.

 Eleanor’s website 

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