Edinburgh Showcase

Tuesday night at the Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh’s team had loads of fun showcasing all of the emerging talent we have been documenting over the past three months! With some great shoe designs submitted by all the artists and designers for our exhibtion, and a fantastic array of music, fashion and film surrounding the rest of the space, great fun was had by all! Alex and I, the main organisers for the event had been anticipating the night for weeks, and so when it finally arrived, we were relieved to see everything had gone to plan.

The night started off with some giant drawing collaborations on huge pieces of paper and giant shoes, which turned out very vibrant looking by the end of the night as everyone added their own little mark. We raffled off some exciting Gola shoes, as featured in our footwear fashion photo shoot from earlier this year, and I think everyone ended on a high note, happy with the cakes and drinks we supplied and of course excited to see all the great creative talent we featured from Edinburgh!

Please also take a moment to see all the fantastic shoe designs!

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About Joanna Lisowiec

Hello! I’m excited to be representing Gola as a student ambassador, and help them in their mission to discover and recognize Britain’s emerging, creative talents. I’m currently an illustration student at the Edinburgh College of Art. I love what I do and nothing makes me happier than working hard and being totally immersed in an idea. I like adventures and a lot of the work I do is about journeys, exploring cool places and meeting interesting people. Between Scotland’s wild, highland landscapes and a vibrant city full of history, there's a lot to be inspired by.

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