Dornik is a brand-spanking-new electronic musician/ singer-songwriter/ producer from London. Dornik is the new kid on the block, but his sound will take you musically back to the 1980s, to a time when MJ was in his peak.

In June Dornik released himself onto the music scene with the release of his debut single ‘Something About You’, from his forthcoming album with PMR Records. Dornik undoubtedly has got himself singed to a fantastically cool record company, who are home to Jessie Ware (who Dornik used to drum for), Julio Bashmore, Javeon McCarthy, and Disclosure among few. Disclosure publicly announced their love for their PMR brother’s sound, commenting on Twitter “Future/Michael Jackson/r’n b/soul/step? Think that covers it”.

In my opinion Dornik is a British version of Frank Ocean, Drake and the Weekend, with the modern soul and R&B feel. Arguably British R&B has not been concurred as well as the American have done, until now – so if you love R&B, then you’ll love Dornik. Dornik’s debut single has already caused a large stir of online attention. The Guardian have already named ‘Something About You’ as their New Band of the Day, also commenting that Dornik’s sound is Michael Jackson mixed with Disclosure- which is a perfect description of Dornik’s music. Carrie Battan has name ‘Something About You’ as the Best New Track, believing that the tune is a nod “toward West Coast luxury– gold watches, pools, neon lights, Boogie Nights, Sunset Boulevard, come to mind– without seeming tacky or kitschy. That’s mostly thanks to Dornik’s weightless-but-rich vocal arrangement, seemingly sprung from the ashes of the Jackson 5. This is how you make an entrance.”

For someone who is a newborn to the heavy populated music world, Dornik’s entrance hints for a promising future. I’m so excited to see this new British artist flourish.


Go and check out Dornik’s great new sound and single. Head to;

Dornik’s Soundcloud:

Dornik’s official Facebook page:

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