Some really great music is coming out of Scotland these days and one of these super sweet sounds is Discopolis, an electronic four-piece band from Edinburgh. Although they aren’t exactly new to everyone as they had quite a lot of success two years back (especially in Japan it seems) and managed to get a spot on stage at T in the park in 2011.

However, since then, they have been making some pretty great new music so I felt the need to share that with you. With people in the music industry coming and going from the spotlight in just a mere snapshot, they are definitely one to keep an eye out. Here is an interview with front man Fergus.


Tell us a bit of background about Discopolis: Where it all started, who is involved, how you define yourself and what’s happened for Discopolis in the past?

Laurie, Dave and myself went to school together. Bar a few shows in Germany, Laurie and I enjoyed minimal success in a basement rock band called Ryan’s Mothership, while Dave bewildered and amazed as – every inch the misunderstood genius – DJ Canon.

More recently we opened our doors and hearts to Cat. Adding live drums to our set up had seemed like the next logical step for a while, to a certain extent, I think we’d been putting it off because we’d been warned that the search for a drummer is generally long and arduous. So what luck that Cat was the first drummer we went into the studio with.

We’ve never been very good at defining ourselves… Between us, we enjoy a myriad of different genres, so when we write together, it’s all about connecting the dots and hopefully finishing with something catchy and coherent.

 Now you were selected to play at T in the park in 2011, where has this taken you and have you been continually inspired to make music? How has your music evolved since then? Are there any recent influences? 

The T-break gig was a very early show and while personally it gave us a massive boost we still had a lot of legwork to do as a band – we’re still figuring out what works for us, whether it’s live on stage or in the studio. Naturally when you write music together for so long, you start to get a real feel for what makes the others tick, so we’re definitely more efficient when putting a piece together and I like to think we’ve been able to retain our original sound to a certain extent.

Recently we’ve been enjoying Foals, Toro Y Moi, Bonobo, amongst others.

What are your future plans as of now? With the festival season fast approaching do you have any gigs lined up that you are looking forward to?

With the mad rush to get ‘Committed To Sparkle Motion’ out, summer bookings have all become fairly last minute, so I’m going to play it safe and play the ‘bound to secrecy’ card. After the tireless meetings and sessions in the studio producing the single and other new material, all we really want to do is get out there and play – to really hone our live show.

 Tell us a funny story or a memorable anecdote you have shared as musicians. Have you ever had any really random but funny experiences or some strange coincidences happen to you?

Poor David is a lifelong Deadmau5 fan. He was understandably giddy at the prospect of catching his hero after our set at Rockness last year. So you can imagine his pain when he passed out in his tent after one too many lager shandys and awoke to the news that not only had he missed the set, but Laurie’s mother had in fact met Deadmau5 in person. While we’re on the subject of Dave’s affinity for the Mau5, it’s worth mentioning that Boards of Canada (who Deadmau5 cites as one of his biggest influences) were big fans of one of our engineer’s previous projects. So we like to think that in a roundabout way, Bryan (the beloved engineer) had a hand in shaping Discopolis prior to us even existing!

It sounds like there is even more in the pipeline for Discpolis, and they will not divulge any information yet, but I encourage you to follow them on facebook and twitter to keep updated.

Check out their EP, Falling (Committed to Sparkle Motion) on iTunes and check out their video which features the stunning landscapes of Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park.


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