‘Designed by Stephanie Jayne’

If you’re after some thing beautifuly designed and quirky then check out Stephanie’s designs. Her business is fairly new but shows great potential,from mirrors to phone cases her illustrations are sure to make you smile.

“I’m currently just starting up my business ‘Designed by Stephanie Jayne’ with the help of the University of Huddersfield’s Enterprise Team. They help me with the ‘tricky bits, the maths, tax and everything else that comes along with starting your own business, and alongside all of that I get to do the fun bits and the exciting parts… Designing, creating products, selling designs, marketing! Alot of work for one person but its great to do a job your passionate about, even better to start a business that your passionate about. Alongside creating my own products, I Freelance for Tigerprint Studios. Its very exciting and fulfilling to work with a great team of creative people.”

What is currently happening with Designed by Stephanie Jayne ?

“Well its hectic at the moment! But being busy is a good thing, it’s a bit like Santas Workshop in my bedroom! I’m preparing for my official Launch at Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds next weekend the 17th & 18th of November; I’m a featured designerexhibited in the New Dock Hall ( was Saville Hall). So I’m super busy preparing all my products, packaging etc for then. n November, I also have 3 more main venues in which I will be selling; Tuesday 20th Nov – University of Huddersfields Global Enterprise Event. Saturday 24th November Queensgate Market (I will be having a one day pop up shop!) Monday 26th November University of Huddersfields Central Services Building”

Hopefully, I will then be opening an online shop & have a website up and running! But as I’m doing all this by myself, I wish I had several little Steph’s to help me; its all very rewarding though.

What inspires your illustrations?

My taste in design is so varied and I love adapting my style to suit the needs of the client and the project. I love the freedom in design, and the most rewarding thing is to design something and for other people to appreciate it. A lot of my characters were just 3 minute doodle sketches but once colour and type is added they can become a whole lot more. I love to produce handwritten typography I believe it creates a personal touch to my work. I also like to have a flexible approach, so I take my inspiration from everywhere. From fabrics, to architecture, history, movies… the list can go on. PINTEREST is my favourite app on my phone ( its very addictive). I believe that everyone should have it, it could make anyone be more creative; and creativity is exciting. But it is very handy to have my inspiration on the go.

I’m one of those people that gets Eureka ideas in the middle of the street, or when I’m in a shop queue waiting to pay… so I always need to carry some form of paper to record them… else I’m very good at forgetting them.

Whats your favourite peice of work so far?

Is it ok to say everything? I’m like a kid in a toyshop! It’s so exciting to be designing for products and seeing the products and final pieces all coming together and building together collections. I do love my Beary Nice Phone Case though, he’s a little cutie! It’s nice to have my work handy to showcase and show people! These are available from my Society6 Store ( please ‘bear’ with me, more designs are going to be published there soon).

What are we to see from Stephanie Jayne Designs in the future?

A LOT!!! This is just the start, so expect more!!!

Follow Stephanie on Twitter to keep up to date with my developments & designs @designedby_SJ
If you would like to contact Steph then just click these links! šŸ™‚





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