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Now these lovely ladies are a true testament to true Vintage style, they appreciate and represent a dedicated field of people who honour times past. With a keen eye for a good deal they find new homes for women’s vintage fashion & accessories, repairing and altering pieces so they can have another life. You can spot these two, Leonie and Dawn stalking around Yorkshire in lots of their own favourites, finding new items of interest. You can find them online at either their Facebook or ASOS

Here is there little intro from their Facebook which I think is all you need to know about them.

My pulse, my passion… Remember when we fell in love with fashion? In peplums, pencil-skirts, and peddle-pushers we played. Clutch bags and corsets caressed us, blazers and blouses blessed us. We were teased by tea-dresses, seduced by shoulder-pads, adorned and adored in A-lines. All this and more we offer you. Treasures of the twentieth-century, cutting-edge vintage quality, for ladies of all shapes, sizes, and predilections. But this is not some jumble sale…we‘re not in the rag trade and we do not buy by the bag. The items here have been carefully selected because they inspire individualism. Like you, they’re beautiful, and they’re unique. You deserve nothing less…don’t let your colours fade.

In fondness and fervour,

Yours Truly,


But where these ladies really shine is at the fairs, Leeds, York, Sheffield, Manchester these ladies are always to be found at the best Vintage Fairs around the North. They are a lovely pair always bringing a sweet treat along with them and a mix of fashions along with some modern re makes sewn themselves, so there is something for everyone.

They also offer to keep an eye out if you are looking for something in particular and will offer you a good deal if you are passionate about it. I personally have a cute golden tulip skirt, several much loved items of jewellery and some great memories from them.

I hope to see these ladies in their own store very soon but until then keep an eye on their Facebook to find where they are going to be next.

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