Dawson Denim

Are you a keen lover of vintage clothes but also like to see some innovation in your wardrobe from time to time? And maybe you also happen to be a lover of denim (don’t we all?)? If yes, I may have something just right for you: Dawson Denim.

With all of the products made in their own specialist workshop in Brighton, Dawson Denim is a family brand focusing purely on clothes made from red-line  selvage denim sourced from Japan. Coming from a 100-year-old mill, this type of denim is the oldest, most authentic denim woven on the original looms.

Working on antique sewing machines, Dawson Denim are real denim geeks – on their website, you can even find a denim glossary! Ever wondered what is a Japanese term to describe the fading creases and seams of a jean? Or maybe what Genoa, Italy, has to do with the denim history?  Well, these guys have all of the answers and made you think how much of history goes behind just one type of fabric.

With a great attention to quality and detail, Dawson Denim make sure every piece of clothing they make is historically accurate and could as well be found in a working clothes shop somewhere in 1930s. And if you are still worried whether your jeans are not going to fall apart in a month, every product comes with a little log book, entitling you to a free service within the first six months of wearing a garment, with all of repairs carried out in Dawson Denim workshop in Brighton.

Fashion is changing – more and more often we find ourselves nearly attacked by the “Made in China” labels and try to look deeper and find something regionally made.  It is a good thing to know that more and more brands decide to stick to their roots and offer us clothes made in Britain from responsibly sourced fabrics.

Way to go, Dawson Denim!


Visit Dawson Denim’s website! Click here.

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