David Fleck

I am inspired by artists who experiment between mediums, combine contrary experiences and don’t limit themselves to one way of communicating their ideas to the public. I have seen artists brilliantly merging different methods of expression into original artwork, making a transition from common to unexplored and David Fleck is one of them.

David Fleck is an architecture student and artist based in Glasgow. He creates illustrations, translating architectural experience into beautiful artworks. I was first introduced to David Fleck’s works in the Red Door Gallery in Edinburgh, featuring his current show “Our Ancestors”. Further research led me to various websites and online design competitions, where he is successfully participating and has created numerous projects. His designs are printed on CD covers, clothes and product packaging. `

His illustrations invite you to a fantasy world, where architecture has new possibilities and ordinary objects expand their potential in a playful manner. Cities growing on the trees, cloth ropes becoming kits and buildings transformed into air-balloons expand your imagination. Skilful use of architectural elements and buildings in his illustrations evidently shows the background in architecture. Contradiction between geometry and natural forms, use of silhouette and negative space creates a beautiful contrast and each artwork tells a story.

Looking through his portfolio I can definitely say that David Fleck’s works are original, inspiring and eye-catching, admired by a growing number of people. That makes him a great fit for the Born in Britain project. To see more of his works visit the Red Door Gallery, this website http://fleck-tesseract.tumblr.com/and online shop http://society6.com/Fleck .

Inga Baufale


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I'm currently studying at the University of Edinburgh. I explore collaborations between the fields of art, architecture and design. My passion is for innovations and new ideas in contemporary art. I represent the "Born in Britain" values by developing and perfecting myself as a person, student, and an artist in Britain.

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