Danny Cooke

Danny Cooke’s films celebrate unique artists and Great British tradition. The featured video is a short which captures David A. Smith’s journey as he creates an album cover for American musician John Mayer. David is a traditional ornamental glass artist and Cooke’s film reveals how much time, skill and passion goes into his work. In a similar vein is the short film Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film, which is about the technique of letter press printing and how it is currently enjoying a revival in popularity, perhaps as a response to the fast progression of the digital age.


Danny Cooke is a freelance filmmaker, cinematographer and editor based in Torquay, Devon. As well as the films I have described above Danny is also involved in the production of music videos and in promotional work, visit his website by following the link below for more details.


Danny’s style of filming is often intimate and romantic – an effect achieved through the use of lingering, close-up shots of facial expressions and hand movements. He also favours striking musical accompaniments over naturalistic use of sound and this contributes to the immersive nature of his films.

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