Danielle Callaghan

I would like to introduce a fantastic, hard-working and consistently breath-taking illustrator, Danielle Callaghan. Danielle originally hails from north Yorkshire, just outside the picturesque seaside town of Whitby where she is surrounded by countryside, and many, many cats.

Right away from looking at Danielle’s work you can see how she is influenced by her love of nature. Her primary interests are natural history illustration and conservation, and her subject matter includes all wondrous creatures, from the tiny and fragile honey bees, right up to the wild roaming red deer. She also has an undying love for birds, and spends her free time out in nature looking out for her feathered friends. She has an in depth knowledge of all the animals she researches for her drawings. Ask her about the habits and quirks of whatever beast she happens to be inking, and she will tell you, ‘the number of chirps a cricket makes rises in frequency with the temperature.’

This attention to detail is not eluded in the execution of her drawings. Flowing, elaborate compositions brimming with intricate patterns, her drawings consist of delicate pen an ink lines layered with a subtle palette of natural shades and tones. The composition of her work always seems to allude to her overall message, whether that be about the plight of the honey bee, the decline of the humble frog or appreciating the noble life of the red stag.

I will leave you to admire, ooh and ahh over Danielle’s work on her website and blog. Danielle is also preparing for her Degree show, opening in Edinburgh College of Art on June 1st so if you are in the area, come and see her work there as well.

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