Dancehall of the Mind

From the 20th to the 30th of September Sheffield was host to The Festival of the Mind: a 10-day “celebration of ideas, culture and collaboration” organised through the University and the local creative community.

I can only assume the level of surprise expressed by students as rather culturally distinct forms of entertainment during fresher’s week greeted them.

A particular highlight was the ‘Dancehall of the Mind’ night held in a Belgian style Spiegel tent in the town’s centre.

The tent circled around an eclectic range of acts including Sheffield’s Trans/Human, an improvisational noise/techno group remarkably proficient at forming dirty sounds out of rudimentary instruments. Their improvised piece with Dave Judge’s Djembe Ensemble combined traditional, roots instrumentation with distinctly modern and avant-garde creative technique.

Banana Hill, a musical collective dedicated to lush grooves and rhythms of Sheffield and international artists, played out the night with their typically fun and exuberant sets.

Festival of the Mind
Banana Hill

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