Chris Moon

The topic of dreams and the dream-like state that one can experience is a sensitive subject, especially for artists trying to depict these moments.

Chris Moon, an artist originating from East London, explores these ideas seamlessly and whole-heartedly. Upon looking at this work, Moon’s paintings are immediately reminiscent of typical photographs, from holidays and gatherings – the detail, the angles, the colours and shading. However, upon noting this, it also becomes apparent that unlike photographs, there’s something seemingly ‘wrong’ with his work – The faces of the artist’s subjects are completely blurred. This, unlike a typical photograph, allows the viewer to remain blocked off from connecting to the subject matter – Every one of them remains as strangers, as outsiders. ┬áIt can be claimed that the artist created much of his work inspired from his predecessor, Francis Bacon; After all, the similarities are definitely there. However, unlike Bacon, Moon is not just working from his memory, but from his knowledge and surroundings, as well.

LondonNewcastle Gallery in Shoreditch, East London is hosting Moon’s second solo show, Reverie, until 13th October. Be sure not to miss it!


– Killian

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