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Evening everyone! Recently I was lucky enough to interview a fantastic up and coming band from Hertfordshire called Chasing Cadence. I’ve been following these guys on Facebook and Youtube for a while now, and I have to say I am a genuine fan. I think their style of music is a fresh take on rock, with clear influences from other genres, making it likeable and popular, whilst still having a great edge. Because I think they’re just great, I filmed an interview with them so you can all get to know them a little better too! I hope you enjoy it.

Despite only having three of their members available for the interview, the guys were very sweet and happy to participate. Even when I cheekily asked if there was any chance of them playing a few songs for me to film they happily agreed, despite both their bassist and drummer being caught off guard with no instruments. So, in the video you’ll be able to see a fantastic clip of Jack the lead singer covering Jessie J’s ‘Domino’; a song the band have also covered in more detail (and with more members) on their Youtube channel, along with other acoustic tracks.

In general I just think in today’s music world its refreshing to see a young band holding down full time jobs as well as touring, writing and recording their own music, all of which is so catchy, and well written (I’ve had their song Accidents will happen on repeat for a few days now!) As well as this they are all so passionate which is clear in the interview, and with them all putting 100% into each show, you’re guaranteed a great night out if you’re lucky enough to attend.

The world will be seeing a whole lot more of Chasing Cadence I’m sure. Therefore, my advice is follow, like and tweet them now to be the first to know of all their upcoming tours, releases and videos. You won’t be disappointed! Also, look out for another Chasing Cadence blog post coming up on my personal blog here, featuring a video of the bloopers and outtakes from the interview (trust me there were some crackers!)

Anyway, that is all from me this week. I hope you enjoyed this! Check out the links below to read more about the band, go on you can thank me later!


Chasing Cadence Youtube

Chasing Cadence Twitter

Chasing Cadence Facebook



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