Charlotte OC

Charlotte OC’s first single ‘Hangover’ contains very little of the slumping misery that the post-booze malaise usually produces.

Instead, it’s a whirling and confident statement of sultry strut that suggests the artist, at just 22, is as comfortable in the dirty romance of electronic beats as she is in the piano led ‘Stolen Car’ which is an exploding ballad of cool, cold nature; cinematic and serious, it’s Hollywood sentiment via Blackburn and Berlin.

Her debut EP also contains the emotional ‘Cut The Rope’ which has lyrics that loop with that lilt that Lana left us gobsmacked with. “I’m running in circles, I’m losing it all” she declares as instruments clatter in a crescendo of midnight madness.

Many artists have attempted to encapsulate the sound of Berlin in their music and often the British have managed to do it best (we’re looking at you, Mr Bowie) and in this EP ‘Colour My Heart’ Charlotte OC offers another slick and lush love letter to the grey city.

A decidedly melancholic but positively plush mesh of Britain and Berlin, the record is Europe exploding into glitter, dust and danger – devour it, wherever you are.


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